Wifey material.

I do not think I make a good wife. I am not the kind that works, cook, prepare hot bath, bring slippers and tolerate male chauvinism. Nope, I certainly do not. You can only pick ONE option only (tolerating male chauvinism is NOT an option). I am just not the Japanese Wife Role Model.

But all these don’t make me a bad one either, so far, I haven’t had any complains. Thank god for that. I think, it’s about accepting each other for who they are. If we were to measure our spouses in yardstick, how many of us pass the test?

How many husbands actually works very hard, bring loads and loads of cash home, supports their wives in their ridiculous bags and shoes collecting hobbies (financially) without any complain, never ever for once say that they are tired, sensitive to their wives needs, help out in doing the house chores and so on? NON! cos no one is perfect.

I was talking to my friend the other day and it struck me. I have a fiance/husband and I am officially getting married in 7 weeks.

I went like. Wait. What? I have a husband? Really? Are you sure?

Yes, I think the pre-wedding thingy is finally kicking in. One final preparation and I’m all done. Seating chart. God bless me!


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